My expertise involves designing elegant and user-friendly interfaces for various digital platforms. I use a user-centric approach covering research, process flows, wireframe spec documents, and high-fidelity prototypes.


During my undergraduate studies, I embarked on my design journey, hand-coding a local Italian restaurant website. This foundational experience propelled me from academia to the real-world design landscape.

Eventually, I ventured from New Zealand to London, collaborating with renowned agencies and designing for clients, including Emirates, Fever Tree, Just Eat, and Hive Home.

After a decade in the industry, I embraced a leadership role at Goodnotes, managing a team of 12 designers. Leading this talented group taught me invaluable teamwork and leadership lessons, which was an advantageous experience. However, my passion for hands-on design remained strong, leading me to pursue an individual contributor role at Monta in Copenhagen.


My design philosophy revolves around solving intricate problems through user-centred design and research, transforming ideas into tangible, impactful solutions. I thrive at the intersection of design, technology, and business, seamlessly navigating creative and technical realms

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Kick-off for a recent project.

In my current role as Senior Product Designer at Monta, I significantly contribute to the entire creative process, from initial user research to the development of polished mockups and art direction. My primary focus lies in delivering valuable experiences that generate genuine business impact.

Design systems

I am deeply fascinated with design systems, often leading or heavily supporting their implementation. I am captivated by their ability to empower teams, enabling them to work efficiently and harmoniously through the utilisation of helpful tokens, components, patterns, and principles.

My noteworthy contributions in this domain include the Honey Design System at Hive Home, the MarketHub Design System at Shell (an e-commerce system for a $19 billion platform), and the Ink Design System at Goodnotes, which facilitated the expansion of this beloved digital paper tool to Android, Windows, and the web.

An experiment with the conventions of social apps.


I have led a handful of pivotal design systems, including the Honey Design System, MarketHub Design System, and Ink Design System. I have also collaborated with numerous household names, such as Activision, IBM, Lego, the European Union, and United Airlines. This diverse range of experiences has enriched my expertise, allowing me to effectively serve both large-scale enterprises and smaller clients, including non-profits.

The largest project I have worked on to date is Shell MarketHub 2.0, where I led the user interface design for the platform. This e-commerce website ranks among the top four in revenue between Apple and eBay. With its global reach, spanning 156 countries and 29 languages, it stands as a testament to the power of design to impact businesses on a significant scale.

A take on a mathemagical line-height calculator app.


Beyond my core competencies in design, design systems, and leadership, I prioritise maintaining a healthy work-life balance. My interests encompass relaxing in saunas, experimenting with plant-based culinary creations, curating engaging playlists, advocating for minimalism, exploring Europe, refining my photography skills, brewing speciality coffee, venturing into floristry, and immersing myself in museum collections, particularly those featuring furniture exhibits.

Reach out

I welcome any inquiries or potential collaboration opportunities. Feel free to email me; I would be delighted to engage in discussions about crafting beautifully simple and effective designs together.