Trend: Huge Headlines

They go edge-to-edge and throw anything Dieter Rams has said (about how to introduce your brand) out the window.

Many websites with edge-to-edge titles also feature kinetic elements that transform into a smaller text within the navigation bar. These titles, set at 100vw (100% of the viewport width), undoubtedly grab attention and showcase the intricacies of various fonts, including traditional designs like ink traps. Neat.

Photo series: Sky

For years now, I've been capturing gradients in the sky. Straight from iPhone—no editing.

Lessons: Creating 3 Design Systems

Thousands of design tokens explored, hundreds of components built and rebuilt and countless refactors as I've learned better ways to do things.

Brief History: Design Tokens

Design decisions, translated into data—design tokens are the source of truth to unify and maintain design at scale.