Trend: Huge Headlines

Huge headlines are full-width titles on a website. They go edge-to-edge, and throw anything Dieter Rams has said (about how to introduce your brand) out the window.
Maxwell White

After closer examination, it appears that many websites with edge-to-edge titles also feature kinetic elements that transform into a smaller text within the navigation bar. These titles, set at 100vw (100% of the viewport width), undoubtedly grab attention and showcase the intricacies of various fonts, including traditional designs like ink traps.

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Brief History: Web Fonts

Before the web font era, designers showed great caution in using fonts in print thoughtfully to provide a consistent voice, tone and distinction that sets their clients’ work above the clamour of competing works. This level of care now spills into web design, bringing fonts to the masses online.
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Lessons: Creating 3 Design Systems

Thousands of design tokens explored, hundreds of components built and rebuilt and countless refactors as I've learned the best ways to do things. As I prepare for my 4th system, I reflect on what works because sometimes time really is money.
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