Site assessment app for technical advisors

The LubePro app had issues that made it awkward for technical advisors to capture and analyse data during site visits. They found it quicker to use a notepad and their iPhone camera.
Shell Lubricants

Shell's LubePro app was initially designed to help technical advisors (TAs) capture and analyse data during customer site visits. However, the existing app was clunky and rigid, making it difficult for TAs to gather information efficiently. As a result, TAs often resorted to using their phone cameras and notepads to take notes during site visits. This inefficient process hindered TAs from building rapport with customers and added extra work.


To better understand the user experience, our team interviewed technical advisors who shared that the app often prevented them from engaging with customers during site visits. We identified the need for a redesigned solution, eventually transforming LubePro into LubePro Global.

The new LubePro Global Dashboard.


Our team designed the app to work seamlessly on iPhone and iPad devices. I created a small UI kit to create a user interface that prioritises ease of use and speed—all without Shell Brand input.

Additionally, we developed a 'site assessment' feature, allowing TAs to set up assessments before arriving on-site. All decisions were informed by finally talking to the TAs and hearing how they had experience the initial version of LubePro.

Data capture and note-taking

A vital aspect of the redesign was improving the data capture process. We developed a flexible solution that allowed both lubricant-first and application-first data capture. We also integrated a database connection that suggested the best Shell lubricant for specific applications.

We expanded the app's capabilities for note-taking to support image uploads and multiple tags. This allowed TAs to create more informative and engaging notes to share with customers.

Quick, powerful note capture with a focus on getting out of the way.


Our team of four engineers worked tirelessly to ensure LubePro Global was a reliable, secure platform. We collaborated closely to keep the project on track, sharing updates and designs through Abstract.

The LubePro Global redesign had a significant impact on Shell's field operations, providing the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility: Customisation of the app for specific customer and industry needs enabling more accurate data collection and analysis.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamlined data collection and analysis allowed TAs to spend more time with customers and less on administrative tasks.
  • Global market adaptability: LubePro Global's adaptability to different regions and languages made it more effective worldwide.
  • Enhanced data management: Easy sharing and analysis of data within Shell provided valuable insights into customer needs and usage patterns.
New, structured data capture gets out of the way to help TAs build rapport.

Overall, the LubePro Global redesign significantly improved the user experience for Shell's technical advisors, enabling a more efficient and effective solution for capturing and analysing data during customer site visits. This case study underscores the importance of continuously updating and redesigning technology to meet the evolving needs of customers and the market.

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